750 miles away.

I lived in the same city with the same people for 17 years. So, when I graduated high school, all I wanted was to go as far away as possible for college, finding myself without any influences from others.  Despite the odds and some personal turbulence, I am making my dream come true and I get to study in a whole different island. 750 miles away from home, to be exact.

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my three wishes.

I was watching Aladdin (2019) the other day, and while I am not quite a big fan of Disney Live Action Remakes, I truly enjoyed the movie. It was captivating and it did not fail on reminiscing the magical vibe. The songs were catchy and fun to hear even though they left out few songs from the original movies or the Broadway version. The cinematography was beautiful, the characters were done perfectly., the humor balanced the drama and the adventure in the story.

I will give it a 9 out of 10, and I recommend this movie for you to watch if you haven’t already because it is truly magnificent!

However, this post is NOT to review the movie, but it is inspired by the movie. After I watched Aladdin, I started to think if I could make better wishes than Aladdin’s, or wiser. How far could I go with the wishes I would make? What would I wish? Also, what would YOU wish?

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how to follow the yellow brick road.

There is a classic book (and a movie) written by L. Frank Baum that I love very much. The infamous book is called The Wizard of Oz. It tells a story about a young girl named Dorothy who traveled in faraway land called Oz. She, and her three friends, had to venture to a city called Emerald City to ask for their deepest desire. There was only one rule: They have to follow the yellow brick road.

Spoiler alert: despite the disturbances from the Wicked Witch of The West, they successfully followed the yellow brick road and reach Emerald City. Plot twists aside, it did end with a happy ending, the cliche, but still worth the telling.

So, that is the topic for this post. Yellow Brick Road. The path we have to go through to get what we dream of, the struggle we have to overcome to finally find the happiness we deserve. This post will talk about how to keep following the road and how to finish the journey. I hope this can inspire you, and myself.

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why i am happier.

Very recently, when we were chatting, my friend told me something that was quite blowing my mind. It was very random, and I was joking and making lame puns when she just went, “I like seeing you this year. You are happier and more open to people.”

My first reaction was something around WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM? Though I didn’t reply to her like that. That one statement got me thinking, a lot. It just seemed so absurd. I am still me and I don’t feel that much different from the past me. Is that real? Am I happier than my one-year-ago self who would sleep at 2 every morning and wake up at 4 just to study and aim for the best, totally not caring my well-being, my mental-health, and my health in general? Am I more gleeful than the old me whose world revolved around how perfect people wanted it to be?

Here is the best part: For a little bit, I believe that I am.

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6 spotify’s PODCASTS for better days.

Have you ever had a boring day where you want to do something not so exhausting but meaningful? Going outside? Too exhausting. Movies? Takes too much time. Sleeping? I feel guilty for not doing something.

That is where podcasts come in. Podcasts are a really fun and simple media to keep you entertained. They are not taking too much of your times (30 minutes tops), you only need an earphone, and they can also educated and give you motivations. If English is not your native tongue, like me, podcasts can also help you with your listening. Even though you cannot really enjoy it by visual, most podcasts are enough to make you lost into another place. Try it.

If this is your first time listening to podcasts, maybe I can help you with picking the first podcast you will ever hear. Because, you know, first impression matters.

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a post of firsts.

Do you ever realize that since the day you are one-day old, your life has been a huge series of firsts? First cry, first laugh, first food, first step, first word.  The thing is, we might not realize that. Some firsts are smaller than the other, like something that is just passing by. Some others define who we are as a person right now.

One other thing that we might now realize, is that, our big firsts can be so small for other. It goes vice versa that maybe our small firsts can be so big for others. However, subjective judges aside, some of them are stories that are worth telling. Who knows how influential our tales can be?


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